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Posted by: Jim Palzewicz on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 12:00:00 am


As the world's #1 Business Accelerator firm, all of us at ActionCOACH of Elm Grove have had the privilege over the last 13 years of helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs to get everything they want from their business. More money, more time, a better team, achieving their personal life goals through their business - it's been a remarkable ride, and we thank you for allowing us to be your business growth partner. Looking back, it reaffirms a discovery we made which led to the creation of our firm. That discovery is this: there is indeed a system to grow any business, and when the leader commits and implements this system, profitable growth is the result.

The problem is, many entrepreneurs believe that they need to create their own system. So, in the midst of managing their business and firefighting the 136 things that are burning at any given time, they also try to invent a management system for their business. An idea from this book, another from that great webinar, a tool from that conference... no wonder the team is left wondering, "What's the new flavor-of-the-month?"

In 2010, the book Traction by Gino Wickman popped up on our radar. Recommended to me by a client, Traction impressed me with its simple yet powerful system called EOS - the Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS® is designed as a complete management system to help an entrepreneurial leadership team grow a business to fulfill their purpose.

Since 2010, we have helped over 50 Wisconsin businesses to implement EOS with amazing results. As I look at our client list, I'm impressed that most of them are recognized as the leader in their markets, as well as in their industry. They are also open-minded, growth oriented, frustrated by complacency, have a big vision, and know they need help to get there.

They are also sharing Traction and EOS® with their peers. Traction has indeed gone viral (if you haven't been given a copy yet by a fellow CEO, contact me to get your free copy). As a Professional Implementer firm in Wisconsin for EOS®, we are committed to building a community of EOS-run companies to help you get everything you want from your business.

Our quarterly EClub is our EOS® users group. If you're the Visionary or Integrator of a company running EOS®, you're invited to attend this half-day session to connect with and learn from other EOS® Visionaries and Integrators and sharpen the saw with our EOS® Implementation team: Jim Palzewicz and Rick Appleby. If you're currently using EOS® in your business, contact Gary Peavler at or (262) 901-4247 to get on the invite list. Participation is complimentary, as the day is sponsored by service providers who are using or appreciate EOS® as the simplest, most powerful business management system for entrepreneurial leadership teams.

Watch for our upcoming Wisconsin EOS® LinkedIn Group, where we can also participate as a community to help each other achieve our business vision and goals through EOS®.

Yours in Abundance,


Jim Palzewicz

Professional EOS® Implementer


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