Consistent Cash Flow

How to Get It, Track It and Keep It in Your Business

Business is a game and like any game, you've got to keep score to know whether you are winning or losing. Unfortunately, all too many people in business lose track of the scoreboard... which leads to big problems in and around the business. 

In Consistent Cash Flow, Tom Palzewicz dives into the deep end of the finances at work in any business. His years of experience have led to a powerful system he utilizes with his clients to achieve true financial mastery for the business owner... and now he's ready to teach that mastery to you... 


In Consistent Cash Flow, you'll learn: 

- The mindset of keeping score in your business
- The 4 hats in your business that relate to money 
- Why the "Rule of 3's" in financial reporting is so important 
- What your business is really worth 

Written by Milwaukee native and ActionCOACH of Elm Grove CEO and Business Coach, Tom Palzewicz. Foreword by Brad Sugars. 


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